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At just a few yards away from Platys Gialos strand, one of the largest beaches on Sifnos, lie Giaglakis Rooms & Apartments. A fresh garden boasting all sorts of flowers in bloom and large crimson bougainvillea, laid out with paved paths, encloses the compound, while a traditional Cycladic dovecote complements the setting.

Our lodgings

at Platys Gialos, Sifnos

Double rooms Giaglakis in Platys Gialos Sifnos

Double rooms

Double rooms with single beds or a double bed and kitchenette with all necessary kitchenware to prepare small meals. They feature a paved yard of ample shade and garden access.

2 people


Apartment with separate bedroom featuring one double bed and one sofa bed, a fully equipped and spacious kitchen and a balcony with sea views.


Giaglakis apartments for rent in Sifnos

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Σε κεντρική αλλά ήσυχη τοποθεσία πολύ κοντά στη θάλασσα.Πήγαινες με τα πόδια. Υπέροχος κήπος μέσα στο πράσινο με ποικιλία δέντρων και λουλουδιών και πολύ περιποιημένος με πολύ ωραίες γωνιές με πληθώρα διακοσμητικών στοιχείων (γλάστρες κεραμικές, κεριά, φωτισμό, μαξιλάρια). Το δωμάτιο καινούργιο,ωραία διακοσμημένο και πεντακάθαρο. Είχε και κουζίνα με όλον τον απαραίτητο εξοπλισμό. Τηρήθηκαν όλοι οι κανονισμοί υγιεινής πέραν του δέοντως.Η κ Μαρία ευγενέστατη ,χαρούμενη και πολύ εξυπηρετική με πολλές γνώσεις για πολλά θέματα!!Το συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα.Του χρόνου πάλι εκεί!!Καλή αντάμωση!!

Comments from the customers of Giaklakis rooms in Sifnos
Tzenh - Greece (Booking.com)

We loved loved loved Maria’s cakes and attentions, the beautiful view from the terrace. The beach is wonderful! We had an amazing stay and recommended it immediately to our family. Thank you so much!!!

Comments from the customers of Giaklakis rooms in Sifnos
Mona - United Kingdom (Booking.com)

Absolutely charming place, fairy tale garden, hygiene standards high, welcoming details perfect

Comments from the customers of Giaklakis rooms in Sifnos
Pogacnik - Slovenia (Booking.com)

I could not give Maria more praise, the property and surroundings were beautiful. Maria was so attentive and even due to the current climate, our stay was very relaxing. The property is just at the right reach to be close but not to close to the, beach, bars and restaurants and I can’t wait to visit again. Highly recommended.

Comments from the customers of Giaklakis rooms in Sifnos
Louise - United Kingdom (Booking.com)

The property is the sweetest thing, with a lovely terrace filled with bungavilias. Cozy room, good shower, good kitchen, good bed. Owner is always ready to help, and lights candles at night on the terrace. 5 mins walk to the beach, but away from noise. Loved it!

Comments from the customers of Giaklakis rooms in Sifnos
Manuel - Portugal (Booking.com)

The apartment was extremely new and everything was really really clean. The terrace was beautiful and we had everything we needed in the room and kitchen. There is a bus stop and market 2min from the studio and the beach is also 2min away. The host was really friendly and wants everybody to feel comfortable.

Comments from the customers of Giaklakis rooms in Sifnos
Katharina - Austria (Booking.com)

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